Taekwondo martial art classes


Taekwondo Martial Art Classes

New adult students can join the Tuesday / Thursday class at 8pm.

Children aged between 10 and 16 can join a class on Monday, Tuesday or Friday at 7pm.

Children aged from 5 to 9 can join the Tuesday / Thursday class at 6pm.

The full timetable can be viewed here.


Every class covers one or more of the three main aspects of Taekwon-Do:

  • Martial Art - The traditional forms, mechanics for stability, generating impact and economic motion.
  • Applied Martial Art - Applying the formal techniques on targets and partners (this is minimal in the children's classes).
  • Sport Taekwon-Do - A dynamic contact sport, utilising limited targets and protective gear (gloves, boots, headguard) much like kickboxing.