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HX Taekwon-Do is a dedicated martial arts facility in Harolds Cross, Dublin. We are members of the Irish National Taekwon-Do association, and the International Taekwon-Do Federation.
Classes in the traditional martial art and dynamic combat sport are available every weekday, for both adults and children.

Martial Arts in South Dublin, Taekwondo


{jcomments on}Had our first, unofficial, training session on Thursday. This was the first use of the gym as a gym, and not as a building site.

This was taken just before we started, obviously we took the plastic off the bags and cleared the floor, which was a bit like opening presents on Christmas morning, kinda.


Also I had a temporary sign made up so people might find out what we are doing here, and we might actually get a few students that we haven't bribed into showing up. Right now I'm calling it a temporary sign, but deep down inside I know that once it is up on the wall it won't be coming back down unless it melts or explodes or something.


In other news; following a long negotiations we have a provisional timetable worked out:

We will have children's classes every weekday at 5pm.

Adults classes will be separated into four categories:

  1. Technical and Self-Defense
  2. Sport TKD
  3. Extreme TKD (Train like a pro!)
  4. Fighting Fit (Fitness and padwork only, no traditional martial art, no sparring, lots of fun)

And will run every weekday at 7pm and 8pm,
There will be three Fighting Fit classes a week, three sport TKD classes, two technical and one or two Extreme TKD sessions.

Also there will be at least one hour 'Open mat' period every evening, sometime between 6pm and 8pm.

The final revision should be in print (and on the web) by the end of the week and classes will start in earnest the week after that.